It is time to take into consideration the carbon footprint being generated by the manufacturing and construction of buildings. It is time to rethink and recreate the basic building materials in homes.  EcoRock is a new substitute for dry wall now used for building homes and offices. It is a clean, recyclable, and energy efficient.

According to Kevin Surace, lead-designer of EcoRock, fifty-two percent of worldwide sources of carbon dioxide are tied to buildings. This number initiated his team to invent a new process for drywall that will eventually eliminate the use of the Gypsum Drywall process. That process alone generates twenty billion pounds of CO2 a year. So Surace and his team wanted to reduce this by eighty-percent.  Which is how EcoRock was introduced in 2006 with Serious Materials.


Reasons to use EcoRock:

1) There is absolutely no gypsum in the material and it is completely recyclable. It is composed of eighty-five percent industrial byproducts that chemically react when mixed together.

2) It is not susceptible to mold or termites such as traditional drywall.

3) This new, innovative process only requires twenty percent of the energy that was previously needed. The scientists made a formula that does not rely on open ovens.

4) The benefits will outweigh the costs. Similar to any new invention, there is a higher price associated with it. Yet, EcoRock has managed to stay economically viable charging near twenty dollars per 8×4 feet, similar to any high-end dry wall.


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