8 Reasons To Compost In Your Backyard

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Composting is the process of breaking down organic material into smaller molecules that are available for use by the organisms of an ecosystem. It is easy and simple to repurpose and fertilize your garden in your own home. In order to make successful compost, you need layers that generate a lot of nitrogen and carbon matter.

Composting does take a while but it will help speed up the process if you keep the bin moistened and oxygen rich. Organic material such as grass, potatoes, or dried eggshells work well in the compost whereas bones, fatty meats, or chemically treated wood will not decompose effectively.

Eight reasons to start a compost bin:

1) Reduce your garbage bill

Many towns charge garbage by the bag or the weight the city sends to the landfill; starting a bin will help decrease your garbage.

2) Keeps roots healthy, reducing runoff

The nutrients from the compost will suck up more moisture leaving less water to sit in your yard or leak in that loose basement window.

3) Enriches soil for your garden and yard

The nutrients in the compost will help your plants grow and stay healthy during the seasons.

4) Compost releases nutrients slowly, unlike synthetic fertilizers

Fertilizers often release the nutrients quickly requiring replenishing the lawn often of nutrients.

5) Reduce or eliminate fertilizer

Having your own compost bin is much better than fertilizer. It becomes a sunk cost since there is no better use for old banana peels.

6) Prevents methane in a landfill

Reducing the nitrogen and carbon in the landfills will reduce the amount of methane made and mitigate global worming.

7) Helps sandy soil retain water and nutrients

Sandy soil can sometimes be difficult to plant flowers or vegetables in using compost will help absorb the moisture for plants.

8) Reduces pest problems

Natural fertilizer, unlike synthetic material, often deters pests. This will help your vegetables and herbs get to finish growing.

When that first batch of finished compost is ready to spread, congratulate yourself for your efforts because you know that organic materials should be recycled into the soil instead of being put in a garbage can. By recycling the organic materials- valuable nutrients, and organic matter are repurposed. You have helped alleviate the solid waste problem!