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How to Build an Earthship Home


“Earthship homes” are built mostly from tires, dirt and other recyclable materials. These homes are innovative and eco friendly.  People choose to build “earthship homes” because they want to be conservative to the environment and reuse materials. On average, a house takes roughly 2,500 tires.

To begin, simply lay the tires in the perimeter of the designed house. Then fill the cracks and pack the tires with dirt. As you pack the tires, notice how they puff out and look full. This locks them together and will keep them in place longer. The tires are heavy enough so they will not need any added materials for the walls. Although, recycled cans or glass bottles are great for filling the gaps between the tires.

After the walls are built, beams are placed on the top of the tires. This will create lateral stability for the roof. To do this, cement anchor bolts in every third tire and attach the top plate to them. The top plates will support the beams that make the roof.



To finish, place the electrical wires around the tires so outlets are in the rooms. Then, place a mixture of mud and straw to cover up the walls. The cans are a great way to a keep the mud sticking to the house since there are fewer gaps to fill.


The finished project will be a comfortable sized home that is eco friendly and overall cheaper. “Earthship homes” will conserve energy and cut down on deforestation. Global warming has been a large issue for our world so creating homes made out of tires and other recyclables is a way to help the problem. Plus, this type of home will be great insulators and will save people money on electricity. With few adaptions to each house, they can be built anywhere!




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